Response To The Word

Men and women who read and study the Scriptures for their literary beauty alone have missed the whole purpose for which they were given. God’s Word is not to be enjoyed as one might “enjoy” a Beethoven symphony or a poem by Wordsworth. The reason: the Bible demands immediate action, faith, surrender, and committal. Until it has secured these, it has done nothing positive for the reader, but it has increased his responsibility and deepened the judgment that must follow. The Bible was called forth by the fall of man. It is the voice of God calling men home from the wilds of sin; it is a road map for returning prodigals. It is instruction in righteousness, light in darkness, information about God and man and life and death and heaven and hell. Further, the destiny of each individual depends upon the response to that Voice in the Word!


The word of God . . . is sharper than any two-edged sword. Hebrews 4:12


The Bible demands immediate action, faith, surrender, and committal.


Lord, may my response to Your Word be one that will make its words like sweet music to my ears. May the yield of the seed of Your Word be righteousness in me.