Promised Power

Our Lord before His ascension said to His disciples, “Tarry in the city of Jerusalem until we be endued with power from on high.” That word “until” is a time-word; it indicates a point in relation to which everything is either before or after. So the experience of those disciples could be stated like this: Up to that point they had not received the power; at that point they did receive the power; after that point they had received the power. Such is the plain historic fact. Power came upon the Church, such power as had never been released into human nature before (with the lone exception of that mighty anointing that came upon Christ at the waters of Jordan). That power, still active in the Church, has enabled it to exist for nearly 20 centuries, even though for all of that time it has remained a highly unpopular minority group among the nations of mankind and has always been surrounded by enemies who would gladly have ended its existence if they could have done so.

“Ye shall receive power.” By those words our Lord raised the expectation of His disciples and taught them to look forward to the coming of a supernatural potency into their natures from a source outside of themselves. It was to be something previously unknown to them, but suddenly to come upon them from another world. It was to be nothing less than God himself entering into them with the purpose of ultimately reproducing His own likeness within them.


Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. Acts 1:4


This power God promises us is nothing less than God himself entering into us with the purpose of ultimately reproducing His own likeness within us.


Lord, we long for Your promised power that comes through Your Spirit.