Tears Of Joy-Amen!

We need not be afraid of a genuine visitation of the Spirit of God! Blaise Pascal, the famed 17th-century French scientist and philosopher, experienced in his lifetime a personal, overwhelming encounter with God that changed his life. Those who attended him at his death found a worn, creased paper in his clothing, close to his heart, apparently a reminder of what he had felt and sensed in God’s very presence. In Pascal’s own hand it read: From about half past ten at night to about half after midnight—fire! O God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob—not the God of philosophers or the wise. The God of Jesus Christ who can be known only in the ways of the gospel. Security. Feeling. Peace. Joy. Tears of joy—Amen! Were these the expressions of a fanatic, an extremist? No! It was the ecstatic utterance of a yielded man during two awesome hours in the presence of God. The astonished Pascal could only describe the visitation in one word—“Fire!”


He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire. Luke 3:16


We need not be afraid of a genuine visitation of the Spirit of God!


Lord, I pray that You will visit me as only You can. I pray that I may hold dear the times You have come to me in glory so real and so powerful as to defy words. May I feel the comfort and fervor of Your fire always.