Demonstrate Your Faith

We know of many who have been deceived into believing that the learning and the memorizing of Christian doctrine is all-sufficient. They actually think that somehow they are better off for having learned the doctrines of religion. God actually asks of us what He asked of Noah long ago! “Demonstrate your faith in God in your everyday life!” It is evident that God did not say to Noah, “I am depending on you to hold the proper orthodox doctrines. Everything will be just fine if you stand up for the right doctrines.” I have read a statement by Martin Lloyd-Jones, the English preacher and writer, in which he said: “It is perilously close to being sinful for any person to learn doctrine for doctrine’s sake.” I agree with his conclusion that doctrine is always best when it is incarnated-when it is seen fleshed out in the lives of godly men and women. Our God Himself appeared at His very best when He came into our world and lived in our flesh!


It is the spirit that quickeneth . . . the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63


Demonstrate your faith in God in your everyday life!


Lord, remind me as I study Your word that I am nothing if I just know what to do and do not do it. Teach me to be obedient. Help me to live out what I know to be true.