Supernatural Energy

Set over against such a mighty provision as this ethical Christianity (if I may be allowed the term) is seen to be no Christianity at all. An infantile copying of Christ’s “ideals,” a pitiable effort to carry out the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount. All this is but religious child’s play and is not the faith of Christ and the New Testament.

“Ye shall receive power.” This was and is a unique afflatus, an enduement of supernatural energy affecting every department of the believer’s life and remaining with him forever. It is not physical power nor even mental power though it may touch everything both mental and physical in its benign outworkings. It is too another kind of power than that seen in nature, in the lunar attraction that creates the tides or the angry flash that splits the great oak during a storm. This power from God operates on another level and affects another department of His wide creation. It is spiritual power. It is the kind of power that God is. It is the ability to achieve spiritual and moral ends. Its long-range result is to produce God-like character in men and women who were once wholly evil by nature and by choice.


I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being. Ephesians 3:16


All other religions are but child’s play and not the faith of Christ and the New Testament.


We invite You in our lives, Kind Father, to produce Christ-like character within us.